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Lynq Pods Pro

Lynq Pods Pro

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Instant Connection

Easy connection with high fidelity H1 chip (32ft range).


Compatible with iOS (iPhone), Android and bluetooth devices.

Order Now

Orders are processed within 24 hours after placing the order.

Quality You Can Hear.

Lynq Pods just went pro. Coming in a smooth matte finish with a wireless charging case to deliver a seamless wireless headphone experience. Simply remove them from the case and they’re ready to be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device.

Pop Up Connect

Pop up animation shows up when connecting.

Charging Case

Battery levels displayed on phone when charging.

Smart Sensor

Automatically stops music when removed from ear.


Cost effective pods readily available for everyone.

Fast Connection

Smooth & quick connection on both iOS & android.

Best Quality

Excellent sound quality guaranteed to satisfy.

Touch Controls

  • Tap once to pause, play, or answer calls

  • Double tap to skip song

  • Tap three times for previous song


How long is shipping?

Great question! We have free worldwide shipping. Shipping doesn't take too long! We have dedicated warehouses that ship out internationally via USPS. It takes an average of 2-4 weeks for our Lynq Pod Pro's to arrive. A tracking shipping number will be provided for every order.

Can I recharge the case?

Yes of course! The case comes with a usb cable to recharge at anytime.

Are they waterproof?

Lynq Pods are Water Resistant Certified. This means that while you cannot fully submerge the earbuds in water, they can handle both heavy sweat and rain without any problems.

Are there trap controls?

Yes! If you aren't sure how to use your Lynq Pods correctly here are the directions!

● Answer the phone call: Tap the touch panel on any side of the earphone twice.

● Refuse the phone call: Long press the touch panel for 2 seconds.

● Play or pause music: Tap the touch panel on any side of the earphone once.

● Play the next song: Tap the touch panel of the left earphone three times.

● Play the previous song: Tap the touch panel of the right earphone three times.

● Turn up the volume: Double tap the touch panel of the right earphone.

● Turn down the volume: Double tap the touch panel of the left earphone.

● Wake up the Siri: Long press the touch panel for 3 seconds.

Why should I choose Lynq Pods?

Because, Lynq Pods is like no other online retailer of earbuds. Our products are re-wired with our own unique hardware that other brands don't have access too. Many of the other online stores who sell a similar product are most likely selling rip offs sourced from low quality manufacturers. Also as mentioned in one of our previous FAQ questions we ship our products directly to you from the USA while other stores ship from china resulting in long shipping times typically over a month.

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